We preach Christ crucified…the wisdom of God and the power of God

Welcome to Heritage Presbyterian Church, a loving community where more and more people are choosing to call their spiritual home.

Life today can feel fast-paced, lonely, and rootless.  Experts agree that we all need a “third place”–a community where nurture, affirmation, and common beliefs bind us together.  Most people have a home and a workplace that begin to fill the universal human need for belonging.  But it is at their “third place” where most find their need for belonging met.

We believe God’s Son Jesus Christ is the creator and sustainer of the only “third place” that can eternally fulfill your desires for true friendship, loving fellowship, divine purpose, and meaningful worship.  The Bible tells us the body of Christ–the Church–is our true home.  We invite you to make Heritage Presbyterian Church, a local expression of the body of Christ, to be your home as well.  Please join us on our faith journey as we start living like heaven is a real place, trusting and imitating the Savior.

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