Heritage Presbyterian Church started as a church plant of Gainesville Presbyterian Church (PCA), in 1985.  Gainesville’s senior pastor at the time, Phil Douglas, was an assertive church planter, having led the congregation to establish Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Manassas less than two years before Heritage was started.

Some families at Gainesville, with a view towards participating in what would become Heritage Presbyterian Church, started meeting together around January 1985, and September 1985 was the start date of worshiping together as a separate congregation, led by its first pastor, Tim Habbershon, who himself was not long out of seminary.  We met in the cafeteria of what was then Central Elementary School (long before the Wal-Mart was next door) and which is now the Fauquier Community Center.

Heritage’s first Session was installed on June 22, 1986, with Tim Habbershon as the senior pastor/teaching elder, and Tom Dizer and Scott Rice as ruling elders, with Bud Trenis, Bob Miller, and Bill McCall serving as the original board of deacons.

In the summer of 1988 the land where the current church building resides was purchased, assembling three lots from the new Millfield subdivision into a single 5-acre lot at the end of a proposed cul-de-sac.  At that time, our parcel contained the old Millfield house, which was starting to fall in on its foundation, and a few small barns, and the Myers family, who were excellent neighbors, still lived in their house at the end of the road, and farmed most of the fields within view.  Their house and barns were removed nine years ago, or so.

The land was dedicated on September 18, 1988, and a ground breaking ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon, June 11, 1989.  From that time commenced a year and a half of intense work with much (very much) labor and skills contributed by the men of the congregation and a few key friends.  The Occupancy Permit for the building was granted by Fauquier County on January 25, 1991.

While the building was under construction, the Heritage congregation met at Fresta Valley Christian School, relatively near Marshall.

Tim Habbershon moved on to other ventures in South Dakota in July 1991.  In November 1991, Pastor Jim Brown came to Heritage, from serving as the pastor of a PCA church in York, Alabama, and served as the senior pastor until November 1995.  In the interim between the two, then-retired pastor Bob Schoof served much of the time as our “stated supply” pastor, and pastor Harry Grimes often filled the pulpit as well.  In later years, Bob Schoof would serve as the planting-pastor of the new Eagle Heights PCA in Winchester.

After Jim Brown, Harry Grimes served the church as our stated supply from November 1995 to March 1997.

Rob Amsler was installed as Ruling Elder at HPC on 9/25/95.

Steve Hohenberger was installed as Senior Pastor on 3/16/97.

Larry Yeager was installed as Associate Pastor on 6/22/03.

Rob Amsler was installed as Associate Pastor (and dedicated minister to Hispanics) 9/1/07.

HPC celebrated 25 years of ministry and 14 years of Pastor Hohenberger’s ministry��on 1/9/11.

Steve Hohenberger retired from the Senior Pastor position on 1/11/11, while Larry Yeager was installed as Senior Pastor on 2/13/11.

Brian Sandifer was ordained and installed as Associate Pastor 12/17/11.

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