The Spiritual Disciplines

We recently finished an adult Sunday school class on the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life.  You can access the overhead slides here.

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Youth and Kids Clubs: Registration

hms-youth-kids-club-bannerCome one, come all!  Kindergarten through 12th grade!  Join in the fun with:

HMS (His Majesty’s Service) Youth and Kids Clubs

When:  Sundays.  Clubs begin Sunday October 5, 2014

Youth: 7th-12th grades at 4:30 pm

Kids: K-6th grades at 5:30 pm

Place: Heritage Presbyterian Church, 7850 Millfield Drive, Warrenton, VA  20187.  Transportation available if needed.

Contact: 540-347-4627

How to sign up: Please return the registration form to the front table in church lobby at check-in

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Bible Day Camp 2014

P1050555Last week HPC and Cristo Redentor hosted jointly a Kids Bible Day Camp at Crockett Park in Fauquier County.  With a “cowboy” theme and the slogan “expect the unexpected”, we had a lot of fun with the 50+ children (and even more youth and adult volunteers) who signed up.  Every day was filled with songs, skits, crafts, play, sports, and gospel lessons.  And of course, quite a few unexpected surprises.  Let’s just say there were plenty of water balloons and many people got wet!  It was a joy to celebrate God’s goodness to all his children, and to share the message of Jesus with friends–old and new alike.  Many thanks to all our campers and volunteers who made Bible Day Camp a great success.  Praise God!

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HMS Kids & Youth Clubs present “Angel Alert”

Angel AlertOn December 15, 2013 our HMS Kids Club performed the Christmas musical “Angel Alert.”  With nearly a full house, family, friends, and neighbors watched and listened as children imaginatively retold the story of Jesus’ birth from the perspective of the angels in heaven.  This production was the fall semester service project for HMS Kids & Youth.  Many thanks to all for putting in the hard work to pull off HPC’s first musical production.  We couldn’t have done it without the kids, their parents, and all the youth and adult volunteers.  Thank you and soli deo gloria!  Please contact the church office if you would like to purchase a DVD copy of the production.

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Good News of Great Joy (Advent Devotional)

advent-readings-piperThis Christmas, prepare for the Second Advent (coming) of Jesus by celebrating his First Advent.  John Piper has written an Advent devotional book called Good News of Great Joy.  It contains brief (less than 2 pages) daily readings to prepare individuals, families, and communities to focus on Jesus during the Christmas season.  Why not pay attention to Jesus and his coming kingdom instead of getting totally distracted by the noise of the holidays?  Seek the lasting peace you long for in the only One who can bring it.

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Youth Event: Camp Highroad Ropes Course

ropes-courseOn Friday June 28, 2013, several big kids (translated: adults who are kids at heart!) took a group of HPC youth to Camp Highroad in Middleburg, VA.  The object?  Overcome your fear of heights and have fun together on a high ropes course.  See the slideshow below for the day that “tested their faith.”

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Children’s Craft Day 2013

Thank you to all the adult and youth volunteers who worked to make last Saturday’s Children’s Craft Day a success.  The kids loved it!  See below for a slideshow.

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Boardwalk Chapel 2013


HPC’s Boardwalk Chapel mission team returned from Wildwood, NJ last Saturday.  They were able to minister for a week on the boardwalk and in the chapel through evangelistic discussions, skits, songs, sermonettes, testimonies, and works of service.  The Boardwalk Chapel now has a Facebook that the staff updates regularly with summer happenings.  See below for a slideshow of photos from our week.

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General Assembly 2013: Exposition Resources

pca-ga-41Two of the HPC pastors (Brian and Rob) attended the PCA’s General Assembly last week in Greenville, SC.  Every GA has an Expo Center with many vendor booths offering ministry resources.  Here are some of the resource highlights we learned about.

Family Dynamics Institute.  Among other things, this ministry offers a “Turnaround Workshop for Troubled Marriages.”

Do you like to utilize the Christmas season to discuss the gospel with your non-Christian neighbors, family, and friends?  Does the Christmas season stir hopes in you that remain unfulfilled?  In the fall of 2013, New Growth Press is publishing a book called A Better December: Proverbs to Brighten Christmas.  Written by Steven Estes, it is (as advertised) an ideal gift book for all who long for true comfort and a true home.

We’ve had a difficult time finding theologically reformed books that are also readable for Spanish speakers.  Beacon of Grace Publications is working to fill this need as they strive “to see sound, reformed literature in the Spanish language become the best-known and most widely-read literature in Latin America and the Hispanic community of the U.S.”  Their website even allows users to search for thousands of Spanish titles by their English versions.

Gospel for Ethiopia is a missions ministry working on several exciting projects to equip indigenous church leaders, pastors, and evangelists with sound theological training resources in the Amharic language.  They need support in prayer, finances, and recruiting ambassadors for their mission.

There is a small but strong (and growing!) evangelical and reformed movement in the Middle East.  Based in Cyprus, Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) is “engaged in encouraging and strengthening the Church throughout the Middle East, North and East Africa, as well as Indonesia and Pakistan.  The Lord Jesus Christ has raised up indigenous missionaries to serve Him in Arab and Muslim lands.  These workers serve under local Reformed and Presbyterian churches.  Our ministries include evangelistic outreach, church extension, biblical training and diaconal aid.”

India and South Asia are two of the largest regions in the world with significant numbers of unreached people groups.  The India/Sri Lanka Partnership (ISRP) “was formed to help organize the support of various ministries going on in South Asia.  Together, we are able to provide theological education, ongoing mentoring and discipling, entrepreneurial training, women’s livelihood projects, street child homes, business development centers, and so much more.”  ISRP intentionally supports national leaders involved in the church planting movement in South Asia.  They are looking for interested individuals and churches to partner in their gospel vision for South Asia.  Email email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information.

Despite a vibrant church, the culture of the United States is becoming more secular.  Christians are finding that fewer and fewer unbelievers come from church backgrounds or understand the gospel.  More and more people are Bible-illiterate.  Some only have the faintest idea who Jesus Christ is.  This is a new culture challenge for the American church, but there is much to learn from our brothers in the UK who have faced similar cultural developments.  Based in the UK, The Good Book Company publishes the inductive and relational evangelistic resources of Christianity Explored Ministries.  The main course, Christianity Explored, is a study of the Gospel of Mark that has been developed and refined for 10 years, and is now being run in over 50 countries.  It has proved to be “a relaxed and informal way of introducing people to Jesus and is also great for anyone wanting to brush up on the basics of the Christian faith.”

Another publishing resource from our UK brothers across the pond is Day One Christian Ministries.  They provide resources for evangelism and discipleship in today’s world.

Many parents of high school graduates believe their college-bound kids could benefit from a “gap year” program to strengthen their faith before heading off into the world.  Even if parents think a gap year program is a waste of valuable time, many students believe they need some help figuring out how their Christian faith should integrate holistically with life, calling, career, and mission.  Impact 360 may scratch this itch.

Word and Deed is an international reformed relief and development ministry.  Their mission is “to address the spiritual and physical needs of people in the developing world in accordance with biblical principles.”  Word and Deed emphasizes (1) gospel and discipleship, (2) goal of self-sufficiency, (3) reliance on indigenous partner organizations in the developing world and avoiding paternalism, (4) demonstrating Christ’s love for God to use it to open hearts to the gospel.  They are seeking to make an I.M.P.A.C.T. in the world for Christ by modeling their work on “I”ntegration, “M”issions, “P”roblem Solving, “A”wareness, “C”ompassion, and “T”hankfulness.  Word and Deep publishes a quarterly magazine by the same name.

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) is a reformed ministry committed to “restoring Christ to counseling and counseling to the church.”  CCEF Now is their free magazine.

By Faith in the PCA’s denominational quarterly magazine.  Its mission is “to draw readers into the full life of the church by informing, edifying, and encouraging them with the news of God’s kingdom.  Through feature stories, news reports, editorial opinions, readers’ comments, practical information, and biblical and spiritual discussions, the magazine motivates and equips readers to serve Christ in the PCA and in His kingdom.”  Print subscriptions are free.

Here is a list of all the exhibitors and their websites.

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Ten Reasons to Believe that Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead


Cited from Grace Tabernacle, Author Unknown:

1. A Public Execution Assured His Death – During the Jewish Feast of Passover, Jesus was swept away by an angry crowd into a Roman hall of justice. As he stood before Pilate, the governor of Judea, religious leaders accused Jesus of claiming to be the king of the Jews. The crowd demanded His death. Jesus was beaten, whipped, and sentenced to a public execution. On a hill outside Jerusalem, He was crucified between two criminals. Brokenhearted friends and mocking enemies shared in His deathwatch. As the Sabbath neared, Roman soldiers were sent to finish the execution. To quicken death, they broke the legs of the two criminals. But when they came to Jesus, they did not break His legs, because from experience they knew He was already dead. As a final precaution, however, they thrust a spear into His side. It would take more than resuscitation for Him to ever trouble them again.

2. A High Official Secured The Gravesite – The next day, religious leaders again met with Pilate. They said Jesus had predicted He would rise in 3 days. To assure that the disciples could not conspire in a resurrection hoax, Pilate ordered the official seal of Rome to be attached to the tomb to put grave robbers on notice. To enforce the order, soldiers stood guard. Any disciple who wanted to tamper with the body would have had to get by them, which wouldn’t have been easy. The Roman guards had good reason for staying alert – the penalty for falling asleep while on watch was death.

3. In Spite of Guards, The Grave Was Found Empty – On the morning after the Sabbath, some of Jesus’ followers went to the grave to anoint His body. But when they arrived, they were surprised at what they found. The huge stone that had been rolled into place over the entrance of the tomb had been moved, and Jesus’ body was gone. As word got out, two disciples rushed to the burial site. The tomb was empty expect for Jesus’ burial wrappings, which were lying neatly in place. In the meantime, some of the guards had gone into Jerusalem to tell the Jewish officials that they had fainted in the presence of a supernatural being that rolled the stone away. And when they woke up, the tomb was empty. The officials paid the guard a large sum of money to lie and say that the disciples stole the body while the soldiers slept. They assured the guards that if the report of the missing body got back to the governor they would intercede on their behalf.

4. Many People Claimed To Have Seen Him Alive – About AD 55, the apostle Paul wrote that the resurrected Christ had been seen by Peter, the 12 apostles, more than 500 people (many of whom were still alive at the time of his writing), James, and himself (1 Corinthians 15:5–8). By making such a public statement, he gave critics a chance to check out his claims for themselves. In addition, the New Testament begins its history of the followers of Christ by saying that Jesus “presented Himself alive after His suffering by many infallible proofs, being seen by [the apostles during forty days and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God” (Acts 1:3).

5. His Apostles Were Dramatically Changed – When one of Jesus’ inner circle defected and betrayed Him, the other apostles ran for their lives. Even Peter, who earlier had insisted that he was ready to die for his teacher, lost heart and denied that he even knew Jesus. But the Apostles went through a dramatic change. Within a few weeks, they were standing face to face with the ones who had crucified their leader. Their spirit was like iron. They became unstoppable in their determination to sacrifice everything for the one they called Savior and Lord. Even after they were imprisoned, threatened, and forbidden to speak in the name of Jesus, the apostles said to the Jewish leaders, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). After they were beaten for disobeying the orders of the Jewish council, these once – cowardly apostles “did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ” (Acts 5:42).

6. Witnesses Were Willing To Die For Their Claims – History is full of martyrs. Countless men and women have died for their beliefs. For that reason, it is not that significant to point out that the first disciples were willing to suffer and die for their faith. But it is significant that while many will die for what they believe to be the truth, few if any will die for what they know to b a lie. That psychological fact is important because the disciples of Christ did not die for deeply held beliefs about which they could have been honestly mistaken. They died for their claims to have seen Jesus alive and well after His resurrection. They died for their claim that Jesus Christ had not only died for their sins but that He had risen bodily from the dead to show that He was like no other spiritual leader who had ever lived.

7. Jewish Believers Changed Their Day of Worship – The Sabbath day of rest and worship was basic to the Jewish way of life. Any Jew who did not honor the Sabbath was guilty of breaking the Law of Moses. Yet Jewish followers of Christ began worshiping with Gentile believers on a new day. The first day of the week, the day on which they believed Christ had risen from the dead, replaced the Sabbath. For a Jew, it reflected a major change of life. The new day, along with the Christian conversion rite of baptism, declared that those who believed Christ had risen from the dead were ready for more than a renewal of Judaism. They believed that the death and resurrection of Christ had cleared the way for a new relationship with God. They new way was based not on the law, but on the sin-bearing, life-giving help of a resurrected Savior.

8. Although It Was Unexpected, It Was Clearly Predicted – The disciples were caught off guard. They expected their Messiah to restore the kingdom to Israel. Their minds were so fixed on the coming of a messianic political kingdom that they didn’t anticipate the events essential to the salvation of their souls. They must have thought Christ was speaking in symbolic language when He kept saying over and over that it was necessary for Him to go to Jerusalem to die and be resurrected from the dead. Coming from one who spoke in parables, they missed the obvious until after it was all over. In the process, they also overlooked the prophet Isaiah’s prediction of a suffering servant who would bear the sins of Israel, being led like a lamb to the slaughter, before God “prolong[ed] His days” (Isaiah 53:10).

9. It Was A Fitting Climax To A Miraculous Life – While Jesus hung on a Roman cross, crowds mocked Him. He helped others, but could He help Himself? Was the miracle suddenly coming to an end? It seemed like such an unexpected ending for someone who began His public life by turning water into wine. During His 3-year ministry, He walked on water; healed the sick; opened blind eyes, deaf ears, and tongue-tied mouths; restored crippled limbs; cast out demons; stilled a violent storm; and raise the dead. He asked questions wise men couldn’t answer. He taught profound truths with the simplest of comparisons. And he confronted hypocrites with words that exposed their cover-up. It all this was true, should we be surprised that His enemies didn’t have the last word?

10. It Fits The Experience Of Those Who Trust Him – The apostle Paul wrote, “If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to you mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you” (Romans 8:11). This was the experience of Paul, whose heart was dramatically changed by the resurrected Christ. It is also the experience of people all over the world who have “died” to their old ways so that Christ can live His life through them. This spiritual power is not evident in those who try to add belief in Christ to their old life. It is seen only in those who are willing to “die” to their old life to make room for the rule of Christ. It is apparent only in those who respond to the overwhelming evidence for Christ’s resurrection by acknowledging His lordship in their heart.

I love this quote from Henry Morris, found on the same page linked above: “The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the crowning proof of Christianity. If the resurrection did not take place, then Christianity is a false religion. If it did take place, then Christ is God and the Christian faith is absolute truth.”  If you are an atheist, an agnostic, or a skeptic, then you’ve got a lot to think about.  Eternity hangs in the balance.  You had better get this one right.  Jesus calls every person everywhere in every age to repent and believe the gospel.

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