Third Millennium Ministries

Third Millennium Ministries offers many free video seminary courses. Lessons consist primarily of a narrative lecture accompanied by animations, illustrations, maps, charts, quotations and other graphic elements that enhance the lecture’s content, as well as live footage of the hosting teacher. Many lessons also include video interview segments with professors from various seminaries around the world.

(Links below navigate to pages with embedded videos)

Old Testament

Kingdom, Covenants, and Canon of the Old Testament

The Primeval History

Father Abraham

He Gave Us Prophets

New Testament

The Gospels

The Book of Acts

Paul’s Prison Epistles

The Heart of Paul’s Theology

The Book of Revelation


We Believe in Jesus

The Apostles’ Creed

Building Your Theology

Building Systematic Theology

Building Biblical Theology

Practical Theology

Making Biblical Decisions

Why Do We Baptize Our Children?

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