Children & Nursery

HPC Nursery Policies

  1. Two adults (or one adult and one teenage helper) are always present.
  2. The nursery is available for children up through age three (up to their fourth birthdays).
  3. There are no food or drinks allowed in the toddler nursery except for Cheerios and water (provided by the nursery). If a child needs to eat lunch or a special snack, there is an area provided in the church kitchen.
  4. When a child is left in our care, a card for each child will be given to the child’s parent or caregiver, to be returned in order to pick up the child.
  5. Child Illness Policy — a child will not be admitted to the nursery if any of these symptoms are present:
    1. Fever above 100 degrees F
    2. Cold virus symptoms such as a runny nose that is not clear or uncontrollable coughing
    3. Stomach “bug” symptoms in the last 24 hours
    4. A rash, especially when accompanied by a fever and not related to a known allergy

In addition to these policies, we usually try to read Bible stories to the children and of course play with them.  The nursery is stocked with lots of toys.

Children playing in the nursery

Nursery room for young children

Nursery room for babies and nursing mothers

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