“Blessings at times come to us through our labors and at times without our labors, but never because of our labors, for God always gives them because of His undeserved mercy.” 

Martin Luther

August 2017

“Christ’s soldier marches on through good report and evil report, the one on the right hand and the other on the left. No praise elates him, no reproaches crush him. He is not puffed up by riches nor depressed by poverty. Joy and sorrow he alike despises. The sun will not burn him by day or the moon by night.” 

St. Jerome, Letter 52

July 2017

“Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God’s will.” 

Eric Metaxas, Bonhoeffer

June 2017

“People love truth when it shines on them and hat e it when it rebukes them. For, because they are not willing to be deceived but definitely want to practice the art of deception, they love truth when it reveals itself and hate it when it reveals them.” 

Augustine, Confessions 10.23.34​

May 2017

“Jesus Christ is indeed the Way and the Truth—all that we mean by ‘orthodoxy.’ Orthodoxy is a way of life grounded in truth, and a truth that expresses itself in all of life. To be orthodox is to know the truths that set one free (the classic doctrines of the Christian faith) and to live out that freedom in daily life by the virtues that have stood the test of time.” 

Mark Galli

April 2017

“The invitation to church is the invitation to answer for yourself to God Almighty. It is an invitation to the opposite of the work week: busy, stressful, noisy, and greedy. It is an invitation to calm, rest, quiet,and generosity. God has always placed Sabbath rest–holiness, reflection, and worship–together as a package.” 

Read Mercer Schuchardt

March 2017

“What are we doing when we worship other gods instead of the true God? We have ‘prostituted’ ourselves…God sees all sin–all idolatry–as ‘adultery.’ He does not merely want us to know and obey him as a citizen obeys a king, or merely to follow him as a sheep follows a shepherd. He wants us to know him and love him as a wife loves a husband.” 

Tim Keller, Judges For You, p. 35

February 2017

“Time lost can never be retrieved. Time cannot be hoarded, only spent well.” 

Oswald Sanders

January 2017

“All we could ever imagine, could ever hope for, He is… He is the Prince of Peace whose first coming has already transformed society but whose second coming will forever establish justice and righteousness. All this, and infinitely more, alive in an impoverished baby in a barn. That is what Christmas means – to find in a place where you would least expect to find anything you want, everything you could ever want.” 

Michael Card

December 2016

“Hypocrisy is not about failing to live up to your standards. Hypocrisy is about teaching something you don’t actually believe.” 

Collin Hansen

November 2016

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