HMS Pinewood Derby 2011

On March 20 our HMS Heritage Kids Club hosted the HMS Pinewood Derby 2011. This year we had to build our own racetrack and it turned out great. It is amazing that such a large contraption folds up into such a small box. Reminds us of the Jetson's spacecar!

The event was a great success. HMS kids all competed in the race with cars that they've been working on for about 2 months. Many of the kids brought friends from school or the neighborhood and loaned them cars entered in previous years. We began the evening with a few songs that we sing at HMS, then a prayer to bless the food and the race. When the food arrived it was a kid's paradise--pizza, popcorn, and ice cream! Then the races began.

The race times for each heat were projected on the wall so each kid could see how the cars raced against each other. At the end of the kid races, a few adults raced their entries. What a sight to see grown men dancing and laughing and gloating after a victory.

We closed the evening with a award ceremony for the kids. There were many different awards for various categories. But even the kids who didn't win had loads of fun. Now, let the planning for next year's car begin! Come join us.

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