15th Annual Warrenton Live Nativity

Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, Shepherds, Angels, animals, and the main attraction...baby Jesus!

HPC just reached a milestone in the history of our congregation. For 15 years we have been privileged to host a Live Nativity on the front lawn of the Warrenton Courthouse. We are so thankful to the Savior for the opportunity to share the priceless message of Christmas with our neighbors. This year's photo Christmas card included the following message from our Pastor Larry Yeager for those who stopped by to have their picture taken in the Live Nativity. We also handed out candy canes to the children with a Christmas message about Jesus.

The Christmas card message:

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Spending more than you should (& paying for it for months); every charity asking for money; gatherings with people you usually avoid? I admit, some people really don’t like Christmas - because it’s “so commercial”, or it’s pushing religion down people’s throats, or it’s another reminder of loneliness. Remove Jesus Christ (Messiah) from Christmas and there isn’t much to celebrate. The promise of God to forgive sins, of eternal life and of peace in this life are all worthless if He doesn’t provide the means to give them. But we look back at the 1st Christmas as we look forward to this anniversary edition. God knew we could not make ourselves “good enough” to deserve anything but His judgment. He gave His only Son, in a human body, to suffer all life’s sorrows and trials – without sin. He came to give himself as a sacrifice for sins – that we might have life, real life through repentance and faith in Him. This Christmas, look forward to the eternal life Christ gives as you look back at the sacrifice he made to save us.

The candy cane message:

Candy canes remind us of Christmas fun—especially giving and receiving gifts! Its color and shape can help us remember that Christmas celebrates God’s gift of baby Jesus to us. The shape (the letter J) reminds us of Jesus’ name. The color white reminds us that Jesus is perfectly pure (he never sinned by doing bad things). The color red reminds us that Jesus died on a cross to forgive sinners. Jesus is God’s perfect gift of forgiveness and eternal life to all who turn from their sin and trust in him. And that’s the best gift you can ever receive!

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