Evangelism and Service Mission at the Boardwalk Chapel

This year, from June 25-30, 2012, a large group of young people and adults from HPC traveled to Wildwood, NJ to help the growth of the Boardwalk Chapel. The week was filled with devotions, work, music and fellowship as they ministered to the 14 staff members stationed in Wildwood throughout the whole summer. Programs are put on every night during the summer; music and skits draw tourists in from strolls on the boardwalk and they hear the good news of the Gospel. The team went prepared with many talented folks who performed a number of moving songs and hilarious skits. The pastors who accompanied the team prepared short messages during the program. A couple nights during the week, a number of the team were invited to witness to people on the boardwalk with the chapel staff after the programs were finished. The HPC group stayed busy during the week, helping with important tasks. One major work project that the team was able to accomplish was installing 2 triple-decker and 2 double-decker bunk beds to help sleep more people. Overall, the week was productive as the group bonded with each other and grew in their individual walks with Christ.

~ by Sarah Buckley

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