HMS Pinewood Derby 2012

Our 3rd Annual HMS Pinewood Derby has come and gone (Sunday 3/11/2012), but the memories will last forever. Hopefully that will be a good thing. Ha! By God's grace some memories will fade quickly. Memories of

  • Hopeful children crying after their first race when they realize their car is slower than Christmas.

  • Dads "evil-eying" and trash-talking about their competitors' cars in the adult racing division.

  • Popcorn and confetti strewn across a sanctuary floor that must be cleaned and restored before Monday morning.

"No funny business, Mark!"

Even the silliness and minor disappointments of a night of friendly competition could not damper the fun. Soon after the last race, hope always springs eternal with cries of "Wait til next year!"

Click here for a slideshow of the night's festivities to join in the fun.

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