Personal Evangelism Training Seminar at HPC

Rick Anderson of CHAIM

On Saturday morning, October 27, Rev. Rick Anderson of CHAIM (a Christian ministry to the Jewish people proclaiming Israel's Messiah), came to HPC to give a Personal Evangelism Training Seminar. Anderson was very encouraged by the Saturday morning attendance and participation in discussion.

Topics covered in the seminar included:

  • Why should Christians share their faith?

  • How should a Christian prepare him/herself to witness to others?

  • Key verses to use in personal one-on-one evangelism

  • Evangelism with complete strangers

  • The Ladder Method

  • How to start a conversation with a stranger

  • Three spiritually-sensitive diagnostic questions to use in conversation

  • Overcoming the fear factor

  • The Reformed gospel compared to Arminianism

  • Types of sincere and insincere prospects, and how to deal with them

  • Evangelism toward those of non-biblical religions

  • Evangelism toward Jewish people

The 3-hour seminar was practical in nature, but Anderson demonstrated his belief during discussion that evangelism must be rooted in a right understanding of God and a love for our neighbor. While the training assumes a solid level of biblical knowledge and an assurance in one's personal relationship with Christ, it is still accessible to Christians who are new to the faith and zealous to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. One of the teenagers in attendance spoke with me the next day about how he wants to use what he learned in the seminar to do some street-evangelism at the Warrenton Christmas festival when HPC hosts our annual Live Nativity. Thus Rick's and CHAIM's labors for the Lord are producing fruit!

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