An "Angel Tree" Christmas for the Fauquier Family Shelter

The HMS Youth Club worked on a service project for several weeks organizing an "Angel Tree" style Christmas gift giving event for the children currently living at the Fauquier Family Shelter. Two Sundays before Christmas they placed a small Christmas tree in the HPC foyer decorated with angel tags. Each tag listed either a toy or article of clothing that a particular child and his/her parent requested. People in the congregation were invited to take a tag or two to bless the children with gifts. The service project was a great success! On Friday 12/21 many HPC youth and their parents met at the church to load the gifts in trunks and deliver them to the Shelter. We were able to pass out candy canes (also prepared by HMS Youth kids) to folks at the Shelter. It was a joyous time of blessing, both for those who received and those who gave. The staff at the Shelter even invited us back to partner with them in other ways to serve our neighbors at the Shelter. From the

Shelter staff:

Dear Mr. Sandifer and members of Heritage Presbyterian Church,

Thank you again for making Christmas very merry indeed. Your gifts were greatly appreciated by our residents. We are so grateful for your continuing support each year. It was a joyous day for everyone. Here are some photos from Christmas morning.


Fauquier Family Shelter

Many will say that "religious people" are good at doing "good deeds" during Christmas season. After all, isn't that what they are supposed to do? Others say that when Christians love their neighbor they are showing others how "good-hearted" they are. Cynics might say that Christians do good things to earn God's favor. But we've talked about these viewpoints with HPC youth. We know there is some truth in all these viewpoints, but we strive against their temptations and hold on our hearts. Christians are sinners, and we are prone to self-righteousness and trying to make ourselves look good to God and others. Therefore we consciously serve God and our neighbor out of a sense of humility and gratitude. We are saved from the penalty of our sins and our self-righteousness by the gracious provision of God's Son Jesus Christ, who forgives us even though we can never deserve his grace. That is why we love God and our neighbor. Because he loved us first. Merry Christmas, and may God be glorified in his Son!

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