General Assembly 2013: Exposition Resources

Two of the HPC pastors (Brian and Rob) attended the PCA's General Assembly last week in Greenville, SC. Every GA has an Expo Center with many vendor booths offering ministry resources. Here are some of the resource highlights we learned about.

Family Dynamics Institute. Among other things, this ministry offers a "Turnaround Workshop for Troubled Marriages."

Do you like to utilize the Christmas season to discuss the gospel with your non-Christian neighbors, family, and friends? Does the Christmas season stir hopes in you that remain unfulfilled? In the fall of 2013, New Growth Press is publishing a book called A Better December: Proverbs to Brighten Christmas. Written by Steven Estes, it is (as advertised) an ideal gift book for all who long for true comfort and a true home.

We've had a difficult time finding theologically reformed books that are also readable for Spanish speakers. Beacon of Grace Publications is working to fill this need as they strive "to see sound, reformed literature in the Spanish language become the best-known and most widely-read literature in Latin America and the Hispanic community of the U.S." Their website even allows users to search for thousands of Spanish titles by their English versions.

Gospel for Ethiopia is a missions ministry working on several exciting projects to equip indigenous church leaders, pastors, and evangelists with sound theological training resources in the Amharic language. They need support in prayer, finances, and recruiting ambassadors for their mission.

There is a small but strong (and growing!) evangelical and reformed movement in the Middle East. Based in Cyprus, Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) is "engaged in encouraging and strengthening the Church throughout the Middle East, North and East Africa, as well as Indonesia and Pakistan. The Lord Jesus Christ has raised up indigenous missionaries to serve Him in Arab and Muslim lands. These workers serve under local Reformed and Presbyterian churches. Our ministries include evangelistic outreach, church extension, biblical training and diaconal aid."

India and South Asia are two of the largest regions in the world with significant numbers of unreached people groups. The India/Sri Lanka Partnership (ISRP) "was formed to help organize the support of various ministries going on in South Asia. Together, we are able to provide theological education, ongoing mentoring and discipling, entrepreneurial training, women's livelihood projects, street child homes, business development centers, and so much more." ISRP intentionally supports national leaders involved in the church planting movement in South Asia. They are looking for interested individuals and churches to partner in their gospel vision for South Asia. Email for more information.

Despite a vibrant church, the culture of the United States is becoming more secular. Christians are finding that fewer and fewer unbelievers come from church backgrounds or understand the gospel. More and more people are Bible-illiterate. Some only have the faintest idea who Jesus Christ is. This is a new culture challenge for the American church, but there is much to learn from our brothers in the UK who have faced similar cultural developments. Based in the UK, The Good Book Company publishes the inductive and relational evangelistic resources of Christianity Explored Ministries. The main course, Christianity Explored, is a study of the Gospel of Mark that has been developed and refined for 10 years, and is now being run in over 50 countries. It has proved to be "a relaxed and informal way of introducing people to Jesus and is also great for anyone wanting to brush up on the basics of the Christian faith."

Another publishing resource from our UK brothers across the pond is Day One Christian Ministries. They provide resources for evangelism and discipleship in today's world.

Many parents of high school graduates believe their college-bound kids could benefit from a "gap year" program to strengthen their faith before heading off into the world. Even if parents think a gap year program is a waste of valuable time, many students believe they need some help figuring out how their Christian faith should integrate holistically with life, calling, career, and mission. Impact 360 may scratch this itch.

Word and Deed is an international reformed relief and development ministry. Their mission is "to address the spiritual and physical needs of people in the developing world in accordance with biblical principles." Word and Deed emphasizes (1) gospel and discipleship, (2) goal of self-sufficiency, (3) reliance on indigenous partner organizations in the developing world and avoiding paternalism, (4) demonstrating Christ's love for God to use it to open hearts to the gospel. They are seeking to make an I.M.P.A.C.T. in the world for Christ by modeling their work on "I"ntegration, "M"issions, "P"roblem Solving, "A"wareness, "C"ompassion, and "T"hankfulness. Word and Deep publishes a quarterly magazine by the same name.

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) is a reformed ministry committed to "restoring Christ to counseling and counseling to the church." CCEF Now is their free magazine.

By Faith in the PCA's denominational quarterly magazine. Its mission is "to draw readers into the full life of the church by informing, edifying, and encouraging them with the news of God's kingdom. Through feature stories, news reports, editorial opinions, readers' comments, practical information, and biblical and spiritual discussions, the magazine motivates and equips readers to serve Christ in the PCA and in His kingdom." Print subscriptions are free.

Here is a list of all the exhibitors and their websites.

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