HMS Pinewood Derby 2013

On Sunday 3/10 we hosted our 4th annual HMS Pinewood Derby. As always, it was great fun for the kids and youth. HPC loves to host events like the Pinewood Derby because it provides us an opportunity to meet some of the parents of children who attend HMS Kids Club. There was a lot of pizza, ice cream, and popcorn for everyone to eat. But the biggest attraction was the trophy table--a special addition this year.

It seems that the competition is getting more friendly and evenly matched every year as the kids learn what it is like to win and to lose (and to design and make fast cars). The kids love their cars and everyone roots for others (well, most of the time). While the races are super-entertaining with all the special race car sound effects and emcee narration, the best part is that we all work on the pinewood cars together. Projects done as a church family develop closer friendships across generational lines, especially between parent and child, and child and "big brother mentor." While the derby is happening, providentially-arranged conversations happen around the room as people talk and love each other with the love of Christ. The ministry of the church is explained to visitors, and Christ is lifted up as the Lord of this congregation and all of life. In other words, the Pinewood Derby is not an end in itself, but a fun event that provides an environment for gospel ministry to begin and flourish. Which allows all derby contestants (winners and the rest) to say, "Soli Deo Gloria!"

See below for a slideshow of the night's festivities.

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