Boardwalk Chapel 2015

Last Saturday HPC's Boardwalk Chapel mission team returned from a week of evangelism and ministry in Wildwood, New Jersey. Each year we sent a team of youth and adult chaperones to serve on the "front lines" of cultural engagement. The team comes prepared after months of practice with skits, songs, sermonettes, and testimonies. These contribute to the Chapel's evening program that presents the gospel to the public in an open and inviting setting--free of charge. Additionally, the team studies the Bible each morning, and receives personal evangelism and worldview apologetics training from the excellent Summer Chapel Staff. This year's trip was a huge success. Thanks to the chaperones that endured the kitchen and supervision duties with grace, humility, and always a smile. Many thanks to the behind-the-scenes folks who contributed food, other necessities, prayer, and encouragement to the team. Your support was absolutely vital to the spread of the gospel on the boardwalk. Please pray God would sustain and bless friendships, the summer staff still in Wildwood, the people with whom we shared the gospel, and for the ministry of the Boardwalk Chapel (Facebook page). See below for a slideshow of photos from the week.

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