A Concert of Prayer on the National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 3 was our country's annual National Day of Prayer. Many Christians throughout our land gathered publicly and privately to petition God to heal our land, forgive our sins, turn us as a nation back to worshiping the living God embodied in Jesus Christ. We had a "concert of prayer" at 7:00 pm at the church building. The setting was intimate and the prayer time was delightful. How encouraging that we serve a God who can hear our prayers, listens to us, is merciful and gracious to forgive our sins when we humbly confess the sins of ourselves and of our nation. For about 90 minutes a small group of us sang praises to the Lord, confessed our sins privately and corporately, and asked God to show his favor to our land and the Church of Jesus Christ in our land for the sake of his great name.

See the links below for our order of service, and the NDP prayer guides we used as prayer resources. Perhaps they can be of use to other Christians on future National Days of Prayer?

National Day of Prayer - HPC Order of Service National Day of Prayer - Corporate Confession of Sin National Day of Prayer Guide 2012 National Day of Prayer Guide (Scriptures)

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