Kids Club Voyage 3 - Safe Journey Home

Ahoy Crewmates!

Kids Club will be setting sail very soon on August 29th! We plan on the 29th so we can get in all our lessons, but also so we can avoid meeting on or near holidays. I had hoped that since school had started for many that this would be a good day to begin. I know some can't make the 29th, but I think it important we get started.

Typically, we will be meeting at 2:30 every second and 4th Sundays. If there are snow days, or other days that we just can't meet I'll let you know.

This year is Voyage 3! This will wrap up the three-year cycle that includes 150 catechism questions. I am so very

proud of the kids and how much they have memorized! I want them to carry God's Word in their hearts all through their lives so no matter what happens, they know their heavenly Father, what He has done for them, and how much He loves them.

The format of the book is somewhat different this year, but not much. There is a title to each Log and a key verse that goes with the section. That one might be a good one for the kids to memorize first. We are covering several topics this year: Baptism, the Lord's Supper, the Lord's Prayer, and the Resurrection of the Dead!

Our first major craft this year will be the Pinewood Derby! We will not start the cars until the second Sunday in September and the race will be second Sunday in October. For the first meeting Mark is ruminating on what we can do that will be a fun and simple one off.

We are looking for someone to partner with Mark and Heidi in organizing the crafts. This does not mean teaching the craft necessarily, but we ask that your help in finding others wo will do a craft. In the past many have come forward and shared their hobby, passion, or profession with the kids. It doesn't have to be complicated, and can certainly be for only one meeting. It can be for multiple meetings. Regardless, we need the help setting up prior to each meeting and a new perspective on craft time. It really should be something that teaches the kids a good skill (archery is a favorite), but it can be as simple as whacking nails into logs or fire building. If you want to help or know someone send them to me or to Mark / Heidi.

I am so excited to get this year's voyage underway!

God bless and keep you all!

Captain Lambert

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